Mountain Biking In Alabama

Bruce has a mountain biking trip through the lower Appalachian Mountains planed for the near future. The trip will include IMBA EPIC trails in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, starting with the The Big South Fork IMBA EPIC trail system near Oneida, Tennessee. It will also include Tanasi, Bent Cr., and Du Pont in North Carolina, Bull Mt., GA and Oak Mt., Alabama.

The purpose of this page is to collect information on the ride at Oak Mt.

Oak Mt.: dates and summary

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Oak Mt. 

Oak Mt.r. is an IMBA EPIC and the link to the MTB site can be found here.

The statistics for the (Trail Name) ride are provided below along with a map showing the track and profile and statistics. The track and profile is for the clockwise direction. Reverse it for a counter-clockwise ride.

Ride Time:
GPX File:
TH Lat:
TH Lng:

Month day, 2014
xx.x mi.
xx.x mi., one way
x,xxx' cumulative
x,xxx' cumulative
x% average
x hrs., yy min., approx.
x,xxx' AMSL, max.
dd-mm.mmmm N
ddd-mm.mmmm W

Right click on the GPX link above to download a GPX file for this ride. The GPX file may want to save as an XML file, so if it does, change the extension to gpx before you save it. The file is a high-resolution track with points are every 10' created on the Delorme PN-60W GPS.

You can right-click on the image below and use the "Save Target As" option to down-load a 1MB 11x17" PDF version of the map that can be printed. You can also click on the image to open it in a new window and zoom up to 200% for a detailed view.

(Insert Track-Profile map with link to tabloid-sized PDF)

This is the kind of trail on which you will use all your gears, and spend a lot of time in 1-1. The grades are not impossibly steep, but go on for some distance, making it necessary to slow down to a sustainable climbing pace.

The photo below shows (description).

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Wrap up

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